Bergstrom Climate Control Systems

Bergstrom Inc. is the leading designer and manufacturer of cab climate control systems for heavy-duty commercial trucks, off-highway machines, and specialty vehicles. Those seeking air conditioning (AC) in Edmonton and abroad, depend on Bergstrom’s know-how and expertise on the installation and maintenance of HVAC units. Engineered for the harshest environments, Bergstrom is Alberta’s air conditioning solution. With Bergstrom on your side, you can feel secure. You can count on a quality AC system that is extremely reliable and catered to your vehicle’s specific requirements.

In addition to our full line of mission critical application products, our highly trained engineers are proud to work with you and your team to develop a climate control solution catered to each customer’s unique specifications.

Why Bergstrom Climate Control Systems?

Bergstrom is a leading provider of cab HVAC systems for:

  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Agriculture Vehicles
  • Bus / Specialty Vehicles
  • Military Vehicles
  • Mining Machines
  • And more!
Air Conditioners Edmonton



Mastercool has proudly remained a family owned and operated company supplying Alberta with air conditioning, professional service tools, and equipment for over twenty-five years. One of the fastest growing companies in its market, Mastercool is synonymous with “World Class Quality” and proudly displays its innovative AC product design and commitment to customer service. With their never-ended focus on developing new technologies, Mastercool has developed many patents that are recognized and respected worldwide.

Why go with Mastercool?

A true-multinational company, Mastercool operates out of its headquarters in the United States and also boasts a Belgium office that features a full inventory and staff. Mastercool’s commitment to quality and top-notch customer service has enabled them to set up distribution to satisfied clients in over sixty countries.


Omega Mobile Auto Air Conditioning Parts And Equipment

Omega provides a variety of A/C parts including accumulator / driers, blower assemblies, blower motors, compressors, condensers, electric fans, and fan accessories.

Omega also carries a large selection of electrical parts and exceeds Alberta’s air conditioner maintenance requirements with evaporators, expansion valves, heater control valves, heater fittings, convoluted tubing, sealing media, aluminum and steel fittings, specialty service kits, and much more.

Whether for busses, trucks, fleets, RVs, or off-road or agricultural equipment, Omega prides itself on its incredibly diverse client base. Omega offers fully customizable air conditioners in Edmonton to meet your specific requirements. Omega’s recent custom programs include personalized niche service kits for heavy-duty trucks, HD truck repair, and A/C units for hot rods and school busses. Omega goes above and beyond and offers specialized programs, such as ordering schemes that are coded to existed catalog numbers.

For clients who insist on buying direct, Omega’s in-house manufacturing plant offers a broad array of standard OEM products and also proudly offers customized manufacturing support. In addition, our highly trained in-house engineering staff is available for consultation.

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