AFEX Fire Suppression

AFEX offers fire protection that focuses on vehicle fire suppression systems designed for heavy mobile equipment. Proudly serving Edmonton’s fire suppression needs, AFEX has dedicated over forty years to the research, design, and production of fire suppression systems and have become specialists in protecting equipment used in the mining, landfill, forestry, steel, paper, transportation, and agriculture industries. AFEX designs reliable fire protection systems that are built to be easily serviced in the field. Protect your personnel and your equipment from engine fires, debris fires, electrical fires, and more with an AFEX vehicle fire suppression system.

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Why the AFEX Fire Suppression System?
AFEX has dedicated itself to becoming a specialist and an industry leader in manufacturing fire suppression systems to protect your heavy equipment. The AFEX fire system works because each component –ranging from fire detection, system actuation, to powder distribution—is designed to maximize performance and reliability.

  • Circuit monitor panel ensures the system is functioning properly.
    Automatic detection components ensure quick threat identification while actuation components respond instantly to ensure a rapid knockdown to save valuable time.
  • Side cartridge technologies ensure that maintenance and repair is simple and fast. Each AFEX system is designed to be easily serviced and recharged in the field with common hand tools.
  • Our nontoxic chemical agent is effective against class A, B, and C fires.

With a variety of options available, including AFEX’s new 125lb tanks and wet agent system, AFEX can customize a system for use in even the most hostile of working environments. AFEX’s distribution, service, and support network is international in scope but prides itself on remaining personalized and responsive to Edmonton’s fire extinguisher and fire suppression needs.

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